Reaching the Public With Your Science

Whether you’re a researcher or just a lover of Chemistry in general, I’m sure you’ve wanted to write about the science to a general audience, and it isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

In this article by American Scientist writer Katie Burke, she explains 12 top tips for getting your science across to the public. She explains that the main difficulty with communicating science to the public is that scientists are generally not trusted by the general population, and we appear to be cold and unemotional. This may because we’re taught to write this way for publications, and we don’t develop the skills to effectively explain our work to non-scientific audience.

Katie explains how we need to change from our traditional publication writing style, by drawing the reader’s attention and keeping them interested throughout. The public want us to tell them the story of our work, and show them why they should care about it.

Unlike traditional science writing, Katie explains that you need to make your communication more personal – try using the first person and connect your audience with the people involved in the science. This goes against everything we’re told about in writing for journakls, but it’s what the public want to hear!

The article is both interesting and useful, and will serve you well if you want to blog, write or talk about your Chemistry to a general audience. One of the best tools you can have is to get non-scientists or even just non-chemists interested in your work. More support is always a good thing!


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