Are any of the UK’s political parties offering much on climate change?

With one week to go until the general election here in the UK, all eyes are on the promises of each party as they try to win our votes.

The author of this article on the New Scientist website, however, is unimpressed by what each party has to offer so far on climate change and research into renewable energy.

Energy and climate change are huge research areas in chemistry and the other science and technology sectors at the moment, as we desperately try to slow down the damage we have been doing to our planet. It seems obvious, then, that the government should be supporting research and technology in this area, for the good of everyone.

Many experts, however, are not happy with what they’ve seen so far from the major parties. Big statements about battling climate change have been made, but the specifics have not been given to us, and it’s unclear how any of the parties’ goals will be achieved.

The UK has made some headway in battling climate change and boosting the use of renewable energy, but how do we know who will keep this going, if the details simply aren’t given to us? Can any of the parties deliver in this important matter? What do you think?


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