Cutting the booze – new drug may limit excess drinking


The end of the holiday season is upon us and, as we all return to work and are regular routine, some of us may wish we’d indulged a little less on the booze than we have.

Well, future party goers may not have to suffer this problem, as a patent has recently been filed for a new drug which may give users a euphoric high while reducing their want to drink alcohol. Originally intended to be sold as a ‘legal high’, the drug – 5-methoxy-2-aminoindane or ‘”chaperon” – has been given to the charity research group DrugScience and will hopefully be used in the future as a ‘binge mitigation agent’.

So far, very little testing has been done, and and only the anecdotal evidence of around 40 people can be used. Of course, in depth tests on the long-term toxicity, doage and the effect of mixing the drug with alcohol need to be carried out before any sort of clinical trial can be considered.

Drugs for recreational use always bring about a great deal of debate, but if the testing results prove positive, this could be an interesting solution to the binge drinking problem that countries such as us in the UK are suffering with.

You can find out more about this here on the New Scientist website.


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