Scottish Scientists Relieved by No Vote

Last Thursday the UK and indeed people all over the world held their breath as the people of Scotland voted whether or not to go independent. It was reasonably close, but 55% of the population decided to remain in the UK – a decision which has pleased Scottish scientists, it seems.

This article by New Scientist gives us an insight into how the scientists of Scotland have reacted to such a possibly life-changing decision – and the overall feeling is one of relief. Many scientists in the country doubted the pledges of the Yes campaign to maintain the standards of Scottish research, and were concerned that access to funding would be considerably compromised by becoming independent.

Furthermore, there was a concern that good quality Scottish researchers would have been tempted to leave the country should independence be granted, taking their expertise away from the country and from the UK as a whole.

Two views of the whether the science in Scotland would have benefited from independence or not can be seen in this previous article from the website.

It seems like scientists from both Scotland and the rest of the UK can rest easy knowing that, for now at least, business can continue as usual, and no research has to be disrupted.


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