NSCCS Gaussian Workshop – Apply Now!

If any research students or post-docs out there considering using computational chemistry to aid your work or allow for better understanding of the chemistry at play in your research, this workshop may be of interest to you.

The EPSRC’s National Service for Computation Chemistry Software (NSCSS) is providing a workshop entitled Gaussian Workshop for Beginners on the 18th and 19th September at the Imperial College London. The workshop is completely free and is aimed at students, such as myself, who have little to no experience in using the Gaussian computer program, and are interested in utilising the software to aid in their chemistry research.

If you’ve never heard of Gaussian, it is a computational chemistry package that uses Gaussian, rather than Slater-type, orbitals in order to speed up computational calculations. This allows the user to carry out operations such as DFT calculations, semi-empirical calculations, spectra prediction and structure modelling in order to investigate the compounds they are studying.

Computational chemistry is becoming more and more significant in all areas of chemistry, and a high volume of publications involve at least some degree of computational work to back up experimental findings. This is a good chance for researchers to begin to build up some basic skills in this area and add that extra depth to your work – I’ve already booked my place!

Applications are open until 15th August and you can find out more here.


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