Peer Review – fundamentals and the future

This is a nice little article on the Wiley website, written by Harriet Groom. Here, she describes a workshop on the peer review process that she attended, which was run by the Sense About Science charity.

As all scientists will know, the peer review process is crucial for getting your work not only published in quality scientific journals, but possibly filtered through the media to the public, who need to know that they’re reading accurate, credible science.

Here, Harriet talks about the nitty gritty details of peer review which many of us may not be aware of, and how the process is far from perfect. Indeed, many researchers don’t consider the peer review process until they’re rejected by their journal of choice, and need to take referees comments on board before attempting to resubmit, or publish elsewhere.

It makes for interesting reading, as the hard work which goes into thorough peer reviewing is not always understood or appreciated, and perhaps more needs to be done to streamline and fine tune this process, so that it is both better understood and easier to manage.

It’s getting to the point where simply stating that research is ‘peer-reviewed’ may not be enough, and the quality of the reviewing process needs to be looked at in more detail.

What do you think?


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