Book Review: “BITE recipes for remarkable research”

Here is an interesting read for any PhD students out there who feel their research needs a bit of a boost. Exercises for improving working on your own and with your supervisor are written as recipes, making a quirky but possibly very useful book. Not all of it applies to chemistry work, but it’s had input from academics across a number of fields, so it isn’t only for arts students! The whole book is free to download, so take a peek if you’re interested.

The Thesis Whisperer

Judy Robertson is the co-editor of  the free to download academic recipe book “BITE: Recipes for  Remarkable Research” which is published by Sense this month. I was privileged to take part in this project and contribute a recipe and case study to the book.

In this post Judy explains why on earth she wanted to write a recipe book, and shares one of her favourite recipes aimed at PhD students.

glassfulOne of my favourite projects this year has been editing an academic recipe book with my co-conspirators Alison Williams and Derek Jones. It’s all about practical ways in which researchers can become more creative and produce even more remarkable research.

There are recipes for working on our own, working with others and working environments.  I enjoyed writing and editing recipes so much that I’m worried I’ll never write another academic paper again!

The writing process was unusual: the book…

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