Online Peer Review – Too Many Places to Post?

This article from the Nature News blog highlights how, in this age of online technology, there might be too many options for scientists to post their questions and comments on questionable research.

With a variety of forums, blogs and websites to choose from, it can be difficult for researchers to know where it’s best to put forward their questions about published work, and where they might have the most impact.

The article talks about a new website called ResearchGate, which allows scientists to publish open mini reviews about work in the literature, so that the appropriate amount of attention can be gathered and any necessary action be taken. Furthermore, you need to be affiliated with an organisation in order to post, so there is a high amount of credibility associated with the site.

A large amount of time and work must be dedicated to the creation of such reviews, meaning that they may not prove to be extremely common, but they could provide a more localised forum for such activities, rather than comments and questions being sporadically scattered around the web, leading to them being lost, forgotten or ignored.

Whether websites such as ResearchGate prove to be the answer is yet to be discovered, but they are a step in the right direction.


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