Conference Alert: Challenges in Organic Chemistry – 7-10th August


Anyone interested in organic chemistry will be interested in the Royal Society of Chemistrys latest International Symposium for Advancing the Chemical Sciences (ISACS) this August.

Taking place at the Shanghai Institute of of Organic Chemistry, this looks to be an impressive conference, with speakers from around the globe taking part. It will involve extensive poster sessions, allowing for plenty of networking with chemists from around the world, and a variety of talks with lots of time for questions will allow for the sharing of ideas and advice, and will possibly spark a few collaborations.

The conference covers the whole spectrum of organic chemistry, with the themes being listed as:

  • Organic and metal-based catalysis
  • Total synthesis
  • New synthetic methodologies
  • Physical organic chemistry and
  • Bioorganic and medicinal chemistry

The full programme of speakers is yet to be published, but many have already been confirmed. They’ll be coming from universities across the globe, which include Cambridge, Caltech, Princeton, Kyoto, Zurich and more – meaning this is truly an international affair, which will hopefully lead to lots of new insights and ideas. You can see the list of confirmed speakers here.

.Registration for the conference is open now, and includes attendance to all parts of the event, including refreshments. There are reduced fees for students, and the RSC does offer bursaries for students and early-career researchers in order to help pay for events such as these. You can find details about this here.

If you’re a budding organic chemist who wants to attend a conference with a great deal of potential for learning about interesting chemistry and meeting lots of other researchers from around the globe, I suggest you take a look!


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