Funding for academic outreach in biology (and other sciences)

If you and your academic institution are interested in carrying out more outreach activities, but need the funding incentive to be able to carry out, this great blog post from katatrepsis which outlines some of the funding sources you might not be aware of to help you get started.
I’m very lucky that my university has a lot of outreach going on in our School of Chemistry, but some departments are very unwilling to support such opportunities without it bringing money into the School. Hopefully, this will give those of you in such situations a boost in this area!


I recently heard a keynote talk by Sophie Duncan, the Deputy Director of the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement, and was really impressed by her enthusiasm for embedding outreach and engagement at every stage of research. Sophie pointed out that there are a number of problems with public engagement as it stands:

  1. There can be a lack of support and reward for good engagement within departments.
  2. Outreach tends to be centred on the academic, rather than on the public.
  3. Groups outside of academia tend not to pro-actively seek academic collaborators.

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