New Drug Kills Pancreatic Cancer in Just 6 Days

Opening of the Laboratory Medicine Centre

This morning, I came across this article in the Metro describing a new anti-cancer drug which a British group of scientists have said can wipe out pancreatic cancer in under one week.

The team from the University of Cambridge, led by Dr Douglas Fearon, have tested their new drug, called AMD3100, wiped all virtually all of the tumours in mice within six days. This is the first time this has been done for pancreatic cancer, and the researchers are hopeful that it will also be useful in treating other cancers, such as lung and ovarian cancers.

The treatment works by destroying a protective coating around the cancer cells, and could be available for human use within a decade if further trials are successful.

Cancer treatment is a hugely important area of the chemical, medicinal and biological sciences, and this could prove to be a massive breakthrough for scientists, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical sector.

These are very exciting preliminary results, and hopefully we’ll hear more about this in the future!


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