The Top 100 Research Articles of 2013 – What have people been reading?

Altmetric have compiled this handy list of the 100 research articles which have received the most public attention online.

It’s a really interesting insight into what science captures the attention of both scientists and the general public and Altmetric point out themselves in this blog post that this popularity does not necessarily reflect the quality of the research itself. Indeed, it is more the ‘buzz’ caused by the work which leads to so much online attention.

The usual suspects are there – the impact of Facebook on well-being, links to obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease, global warming, etc – and scattered throughout are some really unusual and off-the-wall work, such as the motion of moshers at heavy metal concerts and the phylogeny of Little Red Riding Hood.

It’s heart-warming to see that a chemistry paper published in Science made it to number three – entitled Direct Imaging of Covalent Bond Structure in Single-molecule Chemical Reactions. It’s good to know the general public appreciate some high-quality, significant chemistry research, as well as all the crazy articles that have been hitting the headlines this year.

Regardless of your particular area of interest, any science fan will enjoy browsing the top 100 and seeing what brilliant – and sometimes ridiculous – work has been going on this year. Some article titles will be familiar to you from various news stories throughout the year. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for some genuinely interesting and high-impact science, or want to have a giggle at some of the quirkier headlines people have been reading about.

Take a look!


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