From Nanoreactors to New Medicines – Chemistry Research at the University of Nottingham

This link will lead you to an article I recently wrote which has been published on the website of the University of Nottingham’s student magazine, Impact.

Here, I give a snapshot of some of the cutting edge and exciting research that is being carried out at our School of Chemistry. The magazine is primarily aimed at undergraduates at the University, who I think aren’t always aware of what important research is being carried out right here on our campus. This goes for other Schools as well, and Impact are hoping to feature more of Nottingham’s research on a regular basis.

Research isn’t always an obvious part of a university’s activities to undergraduates and the general public alike, but it is a vital aspect of every University, and high-quality research is a key driving force behind a University’s rankings, reputation and ability to gain funding.

The School of Chemistry here at Nottingham is undertaking excellent research in all areas of chemistry, and this article highlights just a few examples of this. I’m very proud of my department and, given a higher word limit, I could go on and on about our research.

I personally think it’s very important for students and staff at any university to be aware of what research is being done in their department. Often, if you just take a look, you find there’s something being worked on that you had no idea about, and that it’s something you’re actually really fascinated about once you look into it.

I won’t turn this post into an advert for our department,  but I do recommend that you take a look at my article if you’d like to get a flavour of what’s going on here. There’s some very high-quality research being done at Nottingham in all areas of chemistry, and you can find out more information on the School of Chemistry website. There’s bound to be something you’re interested in!


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