From PhD to MD?

This is an interesting article from Science Careers which tells the story of students such as Xuguang Chen, who went from being a biochemistry PhD student to attending medical school.

It’s good to see that medical school is still a viable option at a late stage in education, where disillusioned PhD students may feel that they’ve made their bed, and so must lie in it. It seems to be much more common these days that PhD students are changing their career plans and being driven away from a career in research during their studies, and medical school could be another direction they’ll consider. With jobs in the Chemical industry not as prevalent as they once were, a change of career may be appealing to some postgraduate students more so than in previous years. Furthermore, with admission to medical schools becoming more and more competitive, a PhD is a great edge you can have over other applicants.

What’s more, this article highlights the sorts of transferrable skills you can gain by completing a PhD, which can not only help you stand out from the crowd in a med school application, but will make you a stronger candidate for whatever career you’re planning on entering. A PhD is a great opportunity to gain all manner of skills and training, and make you generally very employable.

This is just another example of how doing a PhD isn’t necessarily pigeon-holing you into a research or even a science career, but could broaden your horizons even more.



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